Hair Studio





    (Spritz & Trim)




Color with Haircut             

Men's Color


    Urban Ombre* 



Amonia-Free Color for Sensitive Scalps*

Nektaya Color         


Goldwell Kerasilk® Keratin   

Keratin Treatment

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$45 - $60

$32 - $50

$18 - $30




$80 and up

$70 and up

$40 and up



Free Consultation




$85 - $105




$295 and up




Full Two-Color                         


Partial Two-Color                    





Precision Cut + Clip-In

    Extensions** & Style

Color + Clip-In


All-Occasion Style

Style, Blow Dry &

    Flat Iron

Flat Iron Straightening

Style & Finish Add On

Shampoo & Style

Braid & Style




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$95 - $130


$80 - $110



$80 - $110









$48 - $60

$35 & up

$35 & up


$80 & up




*Prices may vary on services requiring additional time and/or product.

*All prices subject to change without notice.

At Posh, our vision of your visit is a unique yet comfortable one.  We have combined the extensive experience of our team with the newest tools and techniques. 

It is our belief that well educated and excited staff lead to delighted clients.  We look to move forward with the latest trends and innovations while maintaining a timeless style. 


Here at Posh, it is the little things that create a memorable visit.​

Prices & Policies

Nail Lounge




Spa with Gel Polish


French with Gel Polish

Vinyl Lux French

Vinyl Lux


14K Gelish

Hydrate Me Gel Polish


Full Set 

Full Set with Gel Polish


Fills with Gel Polish


French Full Set

French with Gel Polish

French Fills




Classic with Shellac


Spa with Gel Polish

French Classic

French Spa





























Enhanced Details



Upper Lip









French Bikini


Full Legs* 

Half Legs* 

Eyebrow Design

Anastasia Brow Contouring with Waxing


Lash Extensions

Full Set

Partial Set




Lash Tint

Brow Tint

Brow Tint with Shaping


Make Up*




Airbrush Tan

Full Body

5 Sessions

3 Sessions





































*These are starting prices and depend on time and product used.

**Prices are subject to change.

Renewal Suite

MediBac Clearing Treatment: $95

Ideal for acne prone skin, our purifying MediBac Clearing Treatment will relieve follicles of bacteria and congestion, regulate excess sebum production and soothe inflammation. Your skin will feel cleaner than ever before.

AGE Smart Treatment: $95

As we age, our skin tends to lose firmness and elasticity leaving us with fine lines and wrinkles. Using massage as well as vitamin and hydroxy acid exfoliation, our Age Smart Treatment will firm, smooth and nourish your aging skin leaving you with a vibrant, youthful glow.


Power Brightening Treatment: $95

If your skin is experiencing those pesky age spots and an uneven tone, our Chroma White Treatment can help. Using a combination of vitamins and nourishing moisturizers, your skins natural barrier will be improved leaving a smooth tone and a fresher appearance.


Ultra Calming Treatment: $95

Combat redness, itching and irritation with our Ultra Calming Treatment. Using a super-concentrated serum, your skins' natural balance will be restored relieving your skiing of stress and discomfort leaving you feeling cool and smooth.


MicroZones Treatment: $45

Don’t have much time but still want to tackle acne, wrinkles or age spots? Take 20 minutes and let us target your areas of concern.



Shrink pores, eliminate blackheads, and reduce fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. Microdermabrasion is a gentle procedure that provides a simple way to youthful, healthy skin. For optimal results, be sure to schedule a series of treatments.


Microdermabrasion Package (5 treatments): $450

Microdermabrasion Add-On: $50



Dermalogica BioActive Peel

Refresh your face with this advanced 4-step system designed to target pores, acne, inflammation, hyperpigmentation and fine lines. It works with your skin - not against it! Plus, the system is gentle enough that you can go on with your day without looking like you just had a peel.


Single Treatment: $150

3 Treatment Package: $300



Add-On Services

Not sold separately, these services may be added to any facial treatment.

Eye Treatment: $20

    Reduces puffiness and fine lines.

Lip Treatment: $20

    Exfoliates and hydrates for ultra-smooth lips.


High Frequency: $10

    Treats acne, hypersensitivity, and redness.


Galvanic: $20

    Pulls impurities from the skin, while infusing



Ultra Sonic: $10

    Helps to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and redness

    while cleansing pores.

Relaxation Suite

Swedish Massage

Soothe tired achy muscles and improve your

circulation. Gentle pressure is applied in the

same direction as your body’s blood-flow for an

overall sense of relaxation.

1.5 hours: $90 • 1 hour: $65 • 30 minutes: $40


Deep Tissue Massage

Release your muscle tension and chronic knots.

Deep pressure is applied across the grain of the

muscle to penetrate those tight, stubborn areas.

1.5 hours: $105 • 1 hour: $80 • 30 minutes: $50


Sports Massage

Relieve overused and stressed areas caused

by repetitive movements. These massage

techniques focus on the areas affected by the

athlete’s sport of choice.

1.5 hours: $105 • 1 hour: $80 • 30 minutes: $50


Fertility Massage

Reduce stress and anxiety normally associated with

trying for a baby. This massage helps to support

reproductive health, the menstrual cycle, and your


1 hour: $70


Prenatal Massage

Relieve the discomfort of pregnancy beyond the

1st trimester. This gentle and soothing massage

is just what an expecting mother deserves.

1 hour: $75 • 30 minutes: $45


Aromatherapy Massage

Let your worries drift away as you find solace.

This holistic approach to massage combines

essential oils with gentle massage to calm the

mind, body and spirit.

1.5 hours: $100 • 1 hour: $75 • 30 minutes: $45


Orthopedic Massage

Reduce or eliminate chronic muscle tightness,

pain and dysfunction. This massage combines

stretching with the movement and manipulation

of soft tissues.

1.5 hours: $100 • 1 hour: $80 • 30 minutes: $45

Hot Stone Massage

Escape life’s demands and find inner peace.

This relaxing massage uses warm, soothing lava

stones to help calm your body, mind, and soul.

1.5 hours: $110 • 1 hour: $80


Hot Stone Aroma Massage

Ease tension and melt away your stress. This

massage combines warmed lava stones with

essential oils, selected just for you, for the

ultimate in relaxation.

1.5 hours: $115 • 1 hour: $85


Reflexology Massage

Restore balance to your body and gain a

heightened sense of well-being. This massage

uses specific thumb, finger, and hand techniques

to realign your body. Opt for the Premier for a

more intense experience.

Premier 1 hour: $95 • Signature 1.5 hours: $110

Signature 1 hour: $75

Signature 30 minutes: $50


Raindrop Treatment

Remove toxins and refresh your body. Light

massage is combined with aromatherapy and

reflexology, while essential oils are rubbed into

the feet and lightly “rain-dropped” along the

spine. Opt for the Premier for richer oils and a

more intense experience.

Premier 1.5 hours: $195 • Premier 1 hour: $155

Signature 1 hour: $90


Indian Head Massage

Boost your energy while relieving tension caused

by headaches, sinuses, or TMJ. This seated

massage starts with your upper back, shoulders,

and neck, and then focuses on your head.

45 minutes: $60 • 30 minutes: $45


Reiki Massage

Refresh yourself as you gain a greater sense of

well-being. Reiki works to realign and recharge

your natural energies, while providing deep


1 hour: $95





(for 1+ hour massages only)


Reiki: $30

Cranial Sacral: $25

Sinus Relief (upper back, neck, scalp - 30 min): $45

Posh Salon & Spa features products by Goldwell, Kevin Murphy, KMS California, Kenra, and MoroccanOil